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Professional piano and keyboard tracks by accomplished session player and producer Chris Nole.
Specializing in Singer-Songwriter, Country, Pop, Rock, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Americana, Folk and Cinematic genres.

Online Piano & Keyboard Tracks examples...

1. E-mail me (Chris Nole) at: to discuss your recording project and to get an overdub estimate. I'll need to hear a rough mix MP3 (as is) of the track that you are wanting to add keyboards to. We'll proceed with the overdub when we agree on the approach and fee. For new clients, a 50% PayPal or Venmo deposit is required.
2. For the overdub session, send me your reference WAV file mix(s) via We Transfer, High Tail, etc. I also accept MP3 mixes to work with, but there can be a few milliseconds added to the beginning of the file when creating an MP3. So... I prefer WAV files to work with, but have been working more and more with MP3 mixes. Please also include the BPM of the song and the project settings that you want me record at (44.1k/24bit or 48k/24bit etc.)
3. I will overdub your desired keyboard instrument(s) to your song as instructed.
4. I will then email you an MP3 overdub 'proof mix' for review and approval.
5. When you are happy with the keyboard part(s), we will settle up with the balance due - then I will send you a download link for the keyboard WAV file(s) to download and use in your final mix.

My rates can vary depending on the complexity of the song and the number of keyboard instruments per song - so please contact me with your project details for a free estimate. I offer package rates and discounts for multiple song projects.

Shoot me a note with the form below, or directly to


"Chris has that special touch you need from a keyboardist. His piano playing is so beautiful and he can fill out a song with strings and pads that glue a song together with taste. I've hired Chris on multiple sessions and I can say he's a total pro and easy to work with . Look at his credits then hire him for your songs too!" — Peter Young (Producer/Session drummer -  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review) 

"As a singer-songwriter who's not exactly known for his "chops", I am often at the mercy of those who have them. This mercy includes not only the emotional interpretation of my music/notes and melody, but just as importantly, the emotional interpretation of the lyric, whether it be a specific word or an entire phrase. No one does this better than Chris Nole and I am fortunate to have had him play on all of my "keyboards required" recordings for the past 10 years or so. Chris has exceeded my expectations every single time." — Agabus (Recording Artist - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review)

"Chris is world class! He can elevate any project with his outstanding musicianship, creativity, taste, and professionalism- highly recommended!" — Nate Barnes (Producer/Session Drummer/Recording Artist - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review)

"I have worked with Chris on a large number of songs. He is an extremely talented musician who feels music and emotions which is rare nowdays. More over he is a great guy personally and esay to deal with. 100% Recommended!" — Max Black (Producer/Recording Artist - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review)

"Chris is a great player. He's done a great job in the past for me playing piano, electric piano, organ parts and strings as well. His parts always bring each tune to a new level." — Scott Zimmerman (Producer/Recording Artist - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review)

Chris is a great Pianist !! He follows instructions very well and has a great sounding recording. It is very warm and classic sounding. I hope to work with Chris on my next song !! — Zack S. (Producer/Recording Artist - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SoundBetter review)

"I have recently collaborated with Chris on some tracks for an album of old Nova Scotian folk songs featuring brand new melodies and arrangements. Chris' beautiful piano, strings and reeds have taken the songs to a whole other level. This has been my second collaboration with Chris and it's a most enjoyable and exciting way of working, I'm really looking forward to more sessions in the future"  — Chris Bannister (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)

“It [Shady Pine] might be one of the best sounding records I have ever made." — Jim Salestrom (Recording Artist - Martin | The Journal of Guitars Vol. 10 2020 by Len Jaffe)


"I've just released my latest cd project, Mosaic, a wonderful collaboration with Chris Nole. The project consists of four of my better known tunes, presented as solo piano tracks, all arranged and performed by Chris. They are stunning tracks indeed, which showcase not only my songwriting, but Chris's extraordinary musical capabilities. He is an absolute professional and a pleasure to work with, and insanely gifted in every phase of the creative process. I can't recommend him enough for your own project. Thanks Chris! I am looking forward to doing more recording projects with you in the future." — Jeffrey Pine (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"I've worked with and heard the best piano players Nashville has to offer.  Chris is by far my favorite.  His talent as a producer never ceases to impress me.  He has produced my, "Like a Butterfly" CD and is currently producing my forthcoming Christmas CD. He has an innate ability to sense  what the track or song needs, what to play, when to play, and sometimes more importantly, when not to play. Over the years I've watched him embrace the latest in technology so his tracks are creatively and sonicly sound. He is very efficient, organized and if he says he'll do it, he does -and better than you could have ever imagined!" — Brittany Allyn (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"Chris- Thanks for the AWESOME tracks for my new EP Tropical Illusion!! Absolutely beautiful! Great vibe- couldn't be happier with them!! You nailed it!" — Joanne Carole (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"Chris is an incredible keyboard player, who I have know for well over 20 years, and had the pleasure to play with years ago in Nashville. He has a knack to know what to play when, and make the track sound exactly as it should, no... even better!... Definitely take this opportunity to enhance your tracks." —  Gary S. Wolk (Producer/Session Musician - Facebook mention)


"I've heard Chris do it. The Bach to Pop to Rock thing but with flavor. Versatile with style. He can throw some spice in what you're cooking." — Marko Hunt (Oak Ridge Boys FOH Audio Engineer - Facebook mention)


"Absolute privilege to be working with Chris on a project - Incredible musician and wonderful person." — Anita Scheelings (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"Thanks for the amazing keyboard tracks Chris!" — Seth Goodman (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"Chris, Thanks for the great piano tracks.  I have been mixing them tonight and they are beautifully recorded, balanced, and above all tasteful. I need to start writing more songs with your piano in mind" — Scott Bragonier (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)


"Thanks for the amazing piano overdubs Chris, great feel and incredibly quick! We will be back for more." Jason Tarver (Producer/Session Musician - Facebook mention)

"Just finished a couple songs with Chris. I'm so stoked! Not only is the playing stellar..the way he compliments the melody and story is pure magic. I couldn't be happier...sooo looking forward to the next project. Thanks Chris!" — Kelly Knight (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)

"I've worked with Chris on three different sessions, all of which were online piano overdubs. He's got an incredible ear and wonderful style. Here is an example of his work. Great stuff!" — Eddie Kilgallon (Recording Artist - Facebook mention)

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